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Turtle Bay is a boutique hotel in Kalametiya, Sri Lanka.

Kalametiya is a small village 214 km south of Colombo. Turtle Bay promotes responsible luxury. That means luxury tourism that is environmentally and socially sustainable. The hotel is designed to be comfortable, functional and luxurious yet informal to make you feel at home.

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Localization and attractions

and standards

The service is attentive and intuitive to let you immerse in the tranquillity of the location. Influenced by ideals of tropical living and modern definitions of luxury, the architecture and interior is a refreshing amalgamation of different design elements.


Sleep & Rest

The 40 sq meter rooms are a harmonious fusion of indigenous materials and refined luxuries.

The tastefully crafted decorating elements impart a hint of romantic grandeur, to create a unique sense of tropical intimacy.

The 55 sq ft oversized luxurious beds complemented with a great selection of pillows are designed to induce a blissful slumber.

Sea view

All rooms offer a commanding view of the chameleon-like Indian ocean and the miles of virgin beach. Since we are located in the deep south of the island, guests are treated to both invigorating sunrises and spectacular sunsets.

Recharge & Relax

Turtle Bay’s tranquil surroundings create the ideal conducive environment for a total rejuvenation.

The treatment packages offered are not the standard Ayurveda packages available elsewhere. We offer a range of treatments based on the native medicine of the Island known as the Hela Wedakama.

Hela Wedakama is older than Ayurveda and in fact Ayurveda evolved as a sub category of Hela Wedakama. This system has been practiced for thousands of years and the knowledge is well guarded in ancient 'ola' leaf manuscripts handed down from one generation of practitioners to another.

All our oils, formulas and rejuvenating tonics are made by these experienced doctors and are not the standard mass produced medicines. The strict use of only the authentic and pure ingredients ensures the potency of the medicines and their remarkable results.

After a consultation with our resident doctor, treatments are individualized to your body type and conditions. The treatment regiments are planned to simultaneously clean, heal, restore and balance the entire mind, body and soul to achieve a profound state of well being.


There are 7 marine turtle species. Unfortunately they are all listed as endangered or critically endangered. 5 out of these 7 species come to the deep south coastal belt of Sri Lanka for nesting.

The most magical and unsolved mystery is how the adult female sea turtles always return to nest in the very same beach, where they were born.

This remarkable homecoming begins when they reach about 25 years and continues for their entire lives. It has been a turtle tradition since the days of the dinosaurs.

Therefore, the protection of turtle nesting areas is imperative to ensure the survival of the marine turtles. Even then, only 1 in 1000 hatchlings may survive up to the breeding age. Turtle Bay is committed to increasing these odds.

Free Wi-Fi

In the public areas and all the rooms we offer our clients free Wi-Fi.

Swimming pool

Our swimming pool and kiddies pool are refreshing and have both a stunning view over the Indian ocean and endless beach.

Eat & Drink

At Turtle Bay, life moves at your pace. The restaurant has no fixed meal times and anywhere in the hotel or on the beach is ever ready for alfresco dining.

The resident chef prepares global favourites and a refreshingly creative range of fusion dishes and authentic local dishes.

Guests can also select from the catch of the day straight off the local fishing boats and pluck fruit and vegetables from our biodynamic farm and let our chef whip up some magic.

The bar serves up classics and exotic cocktails along with a great selection of soothing coolers.


Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary is a brackish water body fringed by mangroves and salt marshes and separated from the sea by a narrow strip of beach. Kalametiya lagoon is home to over 180 species of endemic and migratory birds and supports a variety of smaller mammals.

Turtle watching at night. Large female green turtles return at night to the site from where they were born to lay their eggs. It is a fascinating sight and can be seen, on the beach only half hour away. You will be guided by the Turtle Conservation Project at Rekawa. Some smaller species of female turtle often come to the beach at Turtle Bay to lay their eggs.

Bundala National Park, this park consists of an area of 6,216 hectares and is the most important wetlands of Sri Lanka with approximately 150 bird species, plus monkeys and crocodiles. Migratory shore birds are seen in large numbers which are attracted to the salt pans. The winter migratory birds that visit in vast numbers during November to March make this the best time for sightings. The impressive flocks of Indian flamingos can usually be seen along with the resident water birds that include sterns, spot-billed pelicans, egrets, plovers, gray and purple herons, spoonbills, cormorants and painted storks.

Yala National Park has the world's highest concentration of leopards and it is the best place to spot them. The 979 sq km Yala park is also home to Asian elephants, sloth bears, wild buffalos, deer, wild boars, crocodiles,primates and both endemic and migratory birds.

Uda Walawa National Park with an estimate of 500 wild elephants, is one of the best places in Sri Lanka to observe these noble giants. Uda Walawa also has an elephant transit home, where injured or orphaned elephants are cared for and then released back in to the wild.

Mirissa is blessed with a healthy population of resident and migrating blue whales and sperm whales. The concentration of whales like in this area is not seen elsewhere in the world. The spinner dolphins steal the show in between whale sightings.

Nature to Explore


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We kindly welcome you at Boutique Hotel Turtle Bay and will do anything to make your stay a memorable one!