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Hela Wedakama
Recharge & Relax

Turtle Bay’s tranquil surroundings create the ideal conducive environment for a total rejuvenation. The treatment packages offered are not the standard ayurveda packages available elsewhere. We offer a range of treatments based on the native medicine of the Island known as the “Hela Wedakama”. Hela Wedakama is older than ayurveda and in fact ayurveda evolved as a sub category of Hela Wedakama. This system has been practiced for thousands of years and the knowledge is well guarded in ancient ola leaf manuscripts handed down from one generation of practitioners to another.

All our oils, formulas and rejuvenating tonics are made by these experienced doctors and are not the standard mass produced medicines. The strict use of only the authentic and pure ingredients ensures the potency of the medicines and their remarkable results. After a consultation with our resident doctor, treatments are individualized to your body type and conditions. The treatment regiments are planned to simultaneously cleanse, heal, restore and balance the entire mind, body and soul to achieve a profound state of well being.